Global Genesis

In a complex world, the tools for building relationship, managing conflict, providing leadership, and building teamwork are essential for an organization’s success and evolution.

Global Genesis works with organizations – from multinational corporations, non-profits, and government agencies – to support individuals and teams in their personal and professional development and subsequently, organizations in their evolutionary changes.

We provide training and consulting in order to facilitate exceptional relationships and outstanding results in organizations.  Our programs and services create a context where people can change to the maximum extent of readiness and can work safely and successfully in  areas that are resistant to change. We offer practical skill and insight into strategic action, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal relations.

Global Genesis is a team of professionals with a proven success record in assisting organizations with improving their performance through their people. We have combined our extensive experience in both internal management and outside consulting and trainingto serve a global market of industry and government.  Our unique blend of complimentary experience affords us an in-depth perspective of successful organizational activity – the visionary, strategic, tactical and everyday practical – and how its people add value.

We have worked with dozens of organizations globally and locally.  Feel free to browse this web site for detailed information on how you can help your organization craft conscious change at every level.

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