Genevieve Taylor – Vice President

Genevieve Taylor
Genevieve Taylor

Genevieve Taylor, Vice President has been with Global Genesis since 2004.  But she has been hearing phrases such as “Seek first to understand, then to be understood,” since she was a little girl.  Her father, Terry Taylor and founder of Global Genesis, was one of the early trainers in Asia for the Seven Habits for Highly Effective PeopleSeven Habits a seminal book on leadership, and he did his best to weave those time-tested principles into her life and the lives of her siblings, by living it himself.

Early on, Genevieve knew she wanted to help people the way she saw her father helping others.  When he came back from his trips, Genevieve would beseech him for stories of his travels.  Woven into those stories were his philosophy about working with others, about conflict and negotiations, strategy and leadership.  She remembers clearly the process of beginning to incorporate these ideas as she began to lead her own endeavors, and being surprised (aren’t parents always wrong?) when they worked.

Two years after finishing her degree at UC Berkeley, she took the leap, and began working at Global Genesis doing office work 10 hours a week.  At the same time she took advantage of the extraordinary opportunity to apprentice with him, traveling to Egypt, Panama, Australia, Thailand, and other places to shadow him during his training and begun to understand how he helped his participants begin to make real change internally.  In addition, she began working as a facilitator at a well-respected challenge course, and had the opportunity to help groups of school children, businesses, college students, activists, even vineyard workers learn about teamwork and leadership through experiential education.

Soon, she developed her own clientele, and began facilitating teambuilding, strategic planning, and delivering workshops in communication, conflict resolution, and time management, among other topics.

During this time, she has developed special skill in facilitation, and has worked with group of 3 to 300, doing everything from strategic planning to communications training.  Her ability to work with large groups of people, and help them have a day that is productive, rewarding, and connects them with the people around them is much sought after.

She also has strong abilities in helping individuals receive and take action on feedback from their team members – a skill that has been very helpful while teambuilding, mediating conflict, and facilitating leaders through the 360 process.

She also delights in training, looking for ways that participants with a multiplicity of learning styles can participate and contribute, while also practicing new skills that make fundamental differences in the way they work with others.

Because of her interest in helping her global community work on the “big problems” – of climate change, health, education, political reform – she has since been drawn to another question: how do different organizations really collaborate together and bring together an amalgam of interests, needs, history, and goals to achieve something that only a collective can achieve.

Genevieve’s blog focuses on leadership, change, and sustainability, and there she articulates as simply as possible how theories of change, models of leadership and communication can make a real difference if applied precisely and consistently.

Now, she is working on her first book, entitled “Vital Skills for Vital Causes: Leadership for Visionary Collaborators.”  Here she is exploring what the unique set of skills and competencies are required for visionary collaborators, who are typically forging new relationships outside the relative comfort of their own organization or network.  She is also a co-founder and principle in a firm called CircadiaOne, a change management firm that guides enterprises towards sustainability.

Genevieve graduated from UC Berkeley in 2002 with a degree in political science (emphasis in international relations) and a minor in geography.  She is a certified facilitator for the Center for Creative Leadership’s 360 process, an alumna of the Leadership Santa Rosa (Class XXI) and a fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy.

As a social entrepreneur, she co-founded the Sustainable Enterprise Conference, now in its 7th year of convening over 400 people, and the Urban Alliance for Sustainability.  Recently, she won the 2012 Green Issues and Opportunities award from the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Santa Rosa. She lives with her husband on a one-acre permaculture homestead that we are rehabilitating to grow enough food to sustain us.  They have a strong interest in self-sufficiency, excellent home-grown food, and lots of eggs from their hardy chickens!  (Read a recent article about their home storm water management efforts in the local newspaper, the Press Democrat.)