About Our Clients

We work with a variety of clients, from multi-national corporations with international reach, to small local businesses and non-profits.

Terry Presenting in General Session
Terry Presenting in General Session

While these organizations span a variety of industries – from high-tech, manufacturing, to construction, to hospitality, to environmental advocacy or human services, they all share an understanding that the success of their company depends on the ability of their people to produce excellent results and sustain excellent relationships.

Does this sound like you?

  • “We have staff with terrific technical skills – but their poor people skills are really hindering them.  They have to become better at how they work with others if we are going to succeed.”
  • “Our team is brand new, and we have to figure out how to work together very quickly.  I know that’s possible – and I know I need help to make that happen.”
  • “We had a tough year last year, and morale is down.  How do I inspire our staff to stay productive and work together?”
  • “My staff engage in negotiations every day – even when they don’t realize it.  How do I make sure that they get the best from those negotiations – that they don’t leave anything on the table, but still protect our long-term relationships?”
  • “Our competitors just came out with the latest, greatest thing.  I need our people to think big – to really innovate – with me.  How do I help them do that?”
  • “We keep getting stymied because of poor communication.  We need help in improving our systems, and helping out staff integrate basic communication skills into how they operate.”
  • “Our staff is complaining of overwhelm, but I know that they could achieve a lot more if they organized their time differently, and delegated.”
  • “We have a star player who is missing some key elements before she can be promoted.  We need her to be playing at her best.  How can I help her develop as a leader?”
  • “My staff believes that conflict resolution is best done by avoiding or blowing up.  It has caused us serious problems, not only between colleagues, but with our clients.  We need help resolving conflicts internally – and we need our staff to have skills that will help them get to the bottom of these conflicts.”
  • “I don’t want just another cookie-cutter training.  I need training and development that is customized to our company’s needs, and that won’t put everyone to sleep!”
  • “Our team has been working together for too long.  They have bad habits – they communicate poorly, their implementation is slow, and their quality could be much better. They need support – but it would be hard to give them what they need internally.”

Our Ideal Clients:

Our clients are forward-thinking, and focused on excellence in their people as well as their products and services.  They know the value of having a team of consultants who offer an outside perspective while at the same time partnering to understand their needs and design engagements that will create effective, long-lasting results.

We do well with our clients because of our commitment to learning, integrity, and quality work – and find that our clients have the same commitment.

Now that you have heard about our clients, read about How We Work – our approach to helping our clients get results.