Our Services

We focus on creating constructive and powerful change in organizations by developing the highest potential of its people.  Below is a description of some of our keystone services; however we always customize our services to fit the needs and context of our clients.

Training & Coaching: Our training seminars and coaching sessions are interactive, experiential, and focused on practical tools that can be put to use the next day.  They are always customized to fit the context and individual needs of the client – and we will work with you to create a training that meets your needs.

Win-Win Negotiations Training:  World Class Negotiations, our three-day seminar, has been offered in over 60 countries, and gives participants tools for creating win-win negotiations, an understanding of the phases of negotiation, how to counter manipulative tactics, and how to make the most of team negotiations.  Read more here.

Conflict Resolution Training:  Our two-day conflict resolution seminar, Transforming Conflict Into Innovation has been delivered around the world.  We cover principles and skills for resolving conflict, a conflict-style assessment, opportunities for practice, and an overview of mediation for managers.  Read more here.

Leadership Development & Training:  Our leadership development programs are experiential, customized, and relevant.  We offer practical skill and insight into strategic action, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal relations.  By providing 360 Assessments for a full picture of the participant’s strengths and areas of development, supporting ongoing progress through coaching and training, and through integration with succession planning, we can help leaders reach their next level of performance.   Read more here

Productivity Plus:  Different styles need different tools to manage their time effectively.  Through training and one-on-one coaching, we work with you to identify your time management style, choose which of a range of popular tools might work best for you, then help you develop and improve your systems and practices to organize your space and time more effectively.  Read more here.

Performance Management:  Supervisors can sometimes be confounded in how to improve their employee performance.  Global Genesis trains, consults with and coaches supervisors as they change daily habits and broader systems that can make an enormous difference in the performance of employees.  Read more here.

Employee Coaching and Development: With the right training, coaching and opportunities, employees can become “all that they can be.” Global Genesis has the tools and expertise, from assessments and evaluations to customized training and personalized coaching, to create employee development programs for all employees: non-exempt, management and leadership.

Building Multi-Generational Relationships:  Understanding the history, motivations and expectations of different generations can help ease tension in our multi-generational workforce.   Pairing them with tools that will help build bridges can help not only day-to-day problem-solving, but can create a basis for succession planning, development, and mentoring.  Read more here.

Working with Cultural Differences:  Organizations today have a diverse workforce.  Understanding the basics of these differences – and how they can be used to create long-lasting relationship and results – can help all members work together more harmoniously and productively.  Read more here.

Facilitation and ConsultingWhen we facilitate and consult, we work hard to help you define what you are really trying to achieve, and then bring the best of our thinking tools to help you achieve that.  We facilitate and consult in the following areas:

High Performance Teambuilding:  Teambuilding must be centered around the needs of the team, and we build ours accordingly.  Customized to fit the situation, our teambuilding sessions are typically 2-3 days, begin with interviews, and are focused on helping the team build both their relationship as well as achieve results.  Read more here.

Strategic Change Facilitation: Companies know they must innovate to succeed.  We support that process in a variety of ways, from strategic planning sessions to long-term cultural changes intended to foster creativity and communication.  We create a context where people can change to the maximum extent of readiness and can work safely in the areas that are resistant to change. Read more here.

Strategic Planning:  Knowing where you are going – and how – can be challenging in this shifting climate.  Making sure that everyone has the same understanding of the where and how, and can then implement to it, is a different matter.  Our strategic planning moves from big picture to execution, and is known for tapping into both the creativity as well as the different strengths of all of its group members.  Read more here.

Human Resources Strategic Services Developing your people power is more than giving them training.  It’s aligning your human assets with your strategic, long-term objectives. How to achieve this can be daunting; we help you refine your HR practices to optimize your human resources and create the foundation for success.  Read more here.

Conference Facilitation:  When a group is more than 40, it can be challenging to engage everyone.  Whether preparing for all-staff meetings or conferences, Global Genesis can work with you to design a session that is interactive, engaging, and more than that – uses interpersonal technology that can get the best of creativity from your group.  Read more.

Inter-Organizational Collaboration: Many organizations are finding that to work on big challenges (climate change, health, etc.), they need to extend past their organizational boundaries and work with people from other disciplines and organizations.   By setting up a framework, and facilitating this process, we can help these organizations create long-lasting relationships and results.  Read more here.

Now that you have read about our services, we invite you to read a couple of case studies about what others have said about us.  Read more here.