Dr. Ben Capell – Senior Associate, Global Genesis

Dr. Ben Capell
Dr. Ben Capell

Dr. Ben Capell is a Senior Associate for Global Genesis. He works closely with senior managers and professionals on improving their negotiating skills and helping them become better negotiators.

Ben brings close to 20 years of experience consulting and facilitation of trainings for organizations around the world. He had the opportunity to design and deliver large scale initiatives to improve collaboration and negotiation in a variety of global organizations. He brings experience supporting leaders involved in  large spectrum of negotiations, such as during post-merger integrations, organizational change and employees’ management projects.  His consultancy track record comprises a wide portfolio of successful projects with a diverse range of organizations, such as  Danone, Air Products, Nike, Danfoss, Merck, PricewaterhouseCoopers, ExxonMobil, Gensler, AIG, Roche, Electrolux, Merck, Hollister, Emerson, Tesco, Marriott and Unilever. At In addition, Ben brings unique in-house expertise from his experience at Hewlett-Packard where he headed regional and global roles in the areas of global leadership development and talent management.

Ben’s extensive international experience includes living in Hong-Kong, the U.S., Japan, Israel, Spain and Turkey and managing multinational teams located in wide range of locations.  He speaks various languages, including English, Spanish Hebrew, Catalan and Japanese.

Ben has a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from ESADE Business School in Barcelona (Spain). In addition, he holds a Masters degree in Management Sciences from ESADE, a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hartford (U.S.A), and a honor B.A. in Human Resources Management from Tel-Aviv College of Management (Israel). Ben is also a head researcher of ESADE’s Future of Work Chair, an academic research unit that is dedicated to help organizations prepare for tomorrow’s reality. In addition, he collaborates with various academic institutions including the University of Hong Kong, Grenoble School of Management, Lingnan University and the Open University of Hong Kong.