Cathy Taylor, SPHR-CA – Vice President

Cathy Taylor
Cathy Taylor

Cathy Taylor, SPHR, SCP, Vice President of Global Genesis and Principal of Golden State HR (a division of Global Genesis) started her career in HR in the early 80’s, hired to make the people side of the acquisition and merger forming AGS Management Systems successful.  AGS was the leader in project management software and systems development methodologies.  Having a business/finance background, she enjoyed identifying and addressing the synergies and challenges of a newly combined workforce and successfully orchestrating the resulting talent into a highly productive and satisfied workforce.

Cathy’s many years of working with managers and executives has spawned her “three pillars” theory of highly successful managers.  Along with their competence within their area of expertise, managers must pursue general business skills and people skills.  Rarely does any one manager excel in all three.  She realized that development pathways for managers must improve and compensate for these skills in an effective manner.  In tandem with that premise is the belief that every employee’s desires needs to be valued, respected, and fulfilled, or their employers risk the loss of good employees.

The ability to contribute to the “big picture” strategy and refine the HR requirements down to the tactical level is one of Cathy’s greatest talents. She is astute in understanding what factors constitute a healthy work culture, and works to create and maintain a great workplace environment.  She also uses her Lean Six Sigma training in developing HR processes that are efficient and effective.

As an HR Generalist, Cathy’s experience in compensation and benefits, staffing, employee development, compliance, safety and employee relations is a solid foundation for supporting an organization’s employment needs.  She has “created” the HR function for several growing organizations.

At Symmetricom, a Silicon Valley high tech company, she developed the first formal succession plan.  She was instrumental in successfully staffing over 700 positions for SubMicron Systems, a manufacturer of wafer processing equipment.  Cathyalso helped SubMicron in their quest to establish a global presence, staffing locations in Singapore, Europe and Taiwan.

Cathy uses her expertise and creativity to help clients create best solutions to their people challenges.  Her years of experience working with organizations from start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies affords her the ability to bring “best practice” to the small business.  Her experience includes high tech engineering and manufacturing, service and hospitality, non-profits and education.

Cathy attained her BA in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania.  She also holds degrees in Biology, Ecological Landscape Design and Sustainable Landscape Design.  She is trained in Lean Six Sigma, ISO certification and as a trainer in David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  She holds a professional certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.  Additionally, she is active in Toastmasters leadership, having held the office of Area Governor.  She has served on the Board of the Northern California Human Resources Association.