Case Studies

Below are two case studies of work we have completed in partnership with our clients.

Case Study 1: From a dysfunctional to a highly functional team  A recently-promoted CEO in a medium-sized business knew that if his C-Level team didn’t work together, he wouldn’t be able to create the kind of culture change he sought in his company.  Members of his team had long working relationships with each other – not all positive – and many habits of communication that were resulting in poor idea sharing, a lack of participation in decision-making, and a risk-averse mentality.  This group was not yet thinking or operating as a team. 

Case Study 2: Large Conference Design & Stakeholder Engagement  A group of about 30 science, land management, and non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies had been working together for several years to create a long-term “monitoring plan” covering a large geography.  However, as this group began to work towards this goal, they realized that several other outcomes could be achieved, and they decided that the best way to do this would be to conduct a “summit,” for about 60 participants, where prior work would be discussed and confirmed.