How We Work

What’s it like to work with Global Genesis?  This page will tell you the kind of results our clients have reported. It will also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to client projects and how we’re different than most organizational development consulting companies.

Global Genesis is an organization of professionals with a proven success record in assisting organizations improve their performance through developing their best asset: people. 

We work at the behavioral level.  We believe that when behavior and mindset change, results and relationships can be exponentially improved.

Negotiations Training
Negotiations Training in China

Working at that level of change is challenging – but our experience in understanding how to harness emotions, work with differences, and engage in practical, relevant conversations have provided our clients with tools, feedback, and change that makes a fundamental improvement in how they work together to achieve organizational goals.
We will partner with you to renew your organizational effectiveness: 

  • We create a container for meaningful conversation and learning that leads to agreements that will quickly get your team on track.
  • The ability of your staff to work with others and achieve results is critical to the success of your organization.  Our services are tailored to help your leaders make fundamental changes that can yield profound differences in how they achieve results.
  • Conflict can be resolved when it is transformed into negotiations.  Unfortunately, many times people can be stymied by differences in position, style, culture, ability, or willingness to change.  We work with our clients on successful resolution through our training of skills in  conflict management, mediation, and negotiations;
  • Developing a shared vision and strategy for long-term change in an organization is challenging.  We partner with our clients to build change initiatives that spreads into all levels of the organization.
  • We offer practical tools and coaching to help manage everyday issues with employees to attain maximum performance & productivity. 
  • Human Resources is a very important but expensive resource for organizations.  We offer strategic HR tools and consulting to effectively manage the people side of your business while keeping costs manageable.

Guiding Beliefs and Values:

We believe that our services are of greatest value to those individuals and organizations that agree in principle with our core values. We believe that…

  • Organizations progress and prosper when the individuals which comprise them are considered their most valuable asset;
  • Ethics and integrity precede profit;
  • Loyalty and trust are constant aspirations;
  • Strategy and goals follow and reflect principles and values
  • The success of enterprises is intertwined with the success of our planet and community, and that it is possible to have profitable business along with environmental responsibility and social equity;
  • Work is satisfying when we maintain integrity and humor in our professional and personal lives, while working toward the higher good for all.

Terry Taylor - Training LeadersOur Approach:

We cannot succeed if we do not partner with our clients.  Partnering effectively means a few different things:

Setting up conditions for success: By attending to context, learning about the organization and its constituents, and clarifying mutual expectations at the outset of a project, we hope to create optimal conditions for best results, while also modeling some of the behaviors and practices that we believe are necessary.  This typically looks like a  investing the necessary time to develop a clear intent for the project, conducting interviews with key involved parties, and planning for long-term integration – not just the one-off engagement.  It typically means more time at the outset, with a more effective implementation, and interventions that are precisely tuned to your needs.

  • Identifying  root cause:  We do our best work when we are invited to work with the whole system.  While this is not always possible, our perspective and recommendations typically come from a perspective that includes not only the behaviors, but also the practices, processes and procedures that can maximize an organization’s potential.  In this way, we can identify and begin to influence the root cause to any problems the organization may be working on.
  • Creative License:  When there are a number of styles, cultures, and preferences in a company, it can be beneficial to look for different ways to affect change.  We have available a range of tools and approaches that we integrate into the  process of creative design into our partnership with our clients.

Why we are different from other firms:

  • Experience in organizational development, experiential education, and human resources:  Our unique blend of complimentary experience affords us a global perspective of organizational activity – the visionary, strategic, tactical and everyday practical.
  • Focus on results:  The skills and tools we offer can be put immediately to use.
  • Understanding of human dynamics:  We start by gaining understanding or our client’s culture and industry.  This includes how systems are working, as well as focus on how teams and individuals learn, think, relate and work together.  From there we move to tools and skills that empower people and the company to make rapid gains in areas that challenge them.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, next go to the Our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.