Conflict Resolution Training – Transforming Conflict into Innovation©

Most organizations know the value and challenge of transforming conflict into constructive change and innovation. Global Genesis offers the seminar, Transforming Conflict Into Innovation©  to help you harness the energy of conflict by:

  • Developing skills in understanding, surfacing, and resolving work related and personal conflicts;
  • Providing a simple and powerful tool for balancing and controlling emotions associated with conflict;
  • Using tension and pressure from interpersonal differences to forge best results;
  • Anticipate and adjust for conflict style differences, including across cultures;
  • Manage conflict into negotiation;
  • Read the non-verbal “feedback” from others;
  • Intervene effectively in conflict within teams and between others so responsible outcomes can be achieved.

The program is highly interactive and provides a safe environment for candid discussion and feedback on how one’s behavior under pressure affects others. Participants complete one program survey which assesses communication style under conflict conditions and contrasts it with non-conflict communication style.

Past participants have reported that the program has been of tremendous value in their professional lives as well as with their families and communities.

Read a few of our testimonials on past leadership training and coaching sessions, or contact us for more information on how to bring skill-building for conflict resolution to your organization.