Human Resources Strategic Services

Global Genesis offers the following HR services to support your strategic activities:

Golden State HR

Compensation Strategies: Although compensation is not the only incentive that drives positive performance, it is the basis for valuating jobs and rewarding achievement. Through a comprehensive market analysis, we will help determine the competitive basis for your organization’s salaries. Beyond valuation, we can help structure your compensation system to incent and reward, or to establish a variable component that fluctuates proportionately with profits, thereby having employees share in the economic ups and downs.

Succession Planning: Succession planning involves selection of potential leaders and creating a development plan that spans a definitive time frame. Given the uncertainty of the future, it involves multiple scenario and contingency planning. We can assist your business in this multi-faceted process to ensure the right leadership at the right time and to minimize the risk of voids in key talent.

HR Merger and Acquisition Integration Audit and Due Diligence:  So much attention is given to the financial, product and market side of any acquisition or merger, yet most failed attempts are due to an ineffective employee integration process. A solid plan is needed to identify and secure key employees, identify and eliminate redundancies in a respectful manner, and institute a change process that aligns employees on both sides to work compatibly for the same goals. We have the tools, experience and expertise to assist your company through a potential acquisition or merger.

Human Resources Strategic Planning: Top -level strategic planning is most effective when it drills down to the practical, tactical, and implementation.  In order to do that, every department of the business must subsequently create a strategic plan which aligns with the overall plan.  In particular, Human Resources must address planned up and downsizings, forecast the compensation market, look at trends in benefit costs, determine future training needs, understand what talents will be required and when they need to be fully productive, amongst an array of other factors.  We can facilitate a comprehensive HR strategic plan and refine the process down to the tactical level.

Organizational Design/Workforce Planning:  The organizational structure should reflect the support requirements for present and future business. Lines of succession should be interlaced and opportunities for career growth available for your talented staff. The structure should be flexible enough to meet everyday ups and downs and provide contingencies for the unexpected. This presents an incredible challenge for businesses in today’s economic climate. We can help navigate these issues to determine the right structure for your business today, and what is anticipated in the future.

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