Negotiations Training – World Class Negotiating©

Terry Presenting
Terry Presenting

World Class Negotiating© (WCN) is a challenging and fun learning program for those who want to improve their ability to negotiate in both personal and professional situations.  WCN will provide you with the tools that can be immediately used with bosses, subordinates, vendors, clients, family and friends.

The program’s objectives are to:

  • Prepare and plan for successfully negotiating in diverse situations;
  • Apply fundamental principles to negotiate successfully;
  • Understand and improve specific key negotiating skills to produce the best “win/win”;
  • Make key concessions effectively without giving away too much too soon;
  • Apply key learning immediately to “real time” situations.

World Class Negotiating© is an interactive program that combines “learning with doing”. You will have many opportunities to negotiate “real time” situations and challenges.

Negotiations Training
Negotiations Training

By receiving immediate feedback on your performance, you will learn from your interaction with other participants who experience the same type of negotiation challenges that you face. The program stretches you intellectually and emotionally in an enjoyable and often humorous context. The program incorporates practical strategies for successful negotiating in foreign situations and culturally mixed settings.

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