Strategic Change Facilitation

Our approach to supporting strategic organizational change is building a change-oriented foundation based on developing strong relationships with stakeholders and support of relationship-building with those stakeholders. From this building block, a process for change is devised which leverages relationship to unite organizational objectives with personal interests, involve individual stakeholders in the process and tap the creative energy available from the change process.

When working with your team, we will work hard to:

  • Understand the objectives, needs and history of your organization;
  • Establish a framework for harvesting ideas, objections and concerns and redirecting them to creative options;
  • Assist the individuals in your organization in recognizing and resolving personal barriers to strategic change;
  • Clarify direction through development of strategic and integrating it with operation plans;
  • Optimize organizational alignment between people, purpose and productivity by generating critical mass and strategic partnerships.
Strategic Change

Our process is highly customized in concert with your needs, as well as the internal resources available for the change process. We strive for maximum alignment by involving as many stakeholders as possible at appropriate levels within the process. This is accomplished through consultative interviews at the onset of the process and establishing an on-going change management team from our clients and our own staff.

Read about our case study on facilitating change, or contact us for more information on how to create a leadership development program for your organization.