Working with Cultural Differences

Some people believe that the best way to handle cultural differences is to minimize them and concentrate on our similarities. Others believe the exact opposite – cultural differences are what make us  unique and they need to be understood and preserved.  Global Genesis will help you and your staff  understand and accept these differences, create common ground and leverage diversity for organizational performance.

We use a variety of engaging tools and techniques to understand cultural beliefs around organizational issues such as:

  • Response to authority;
  • Attitudes toward time;
  • Social situations;
  • Written and verbal communication;
  • Work and home life balance;
  • Quietness vs. outspokenness.

The process we use moves from recognizing differences to understanding them, to reconciling them, to leveraging them.  Employees “learn to earn” respect from culturally different colleagues by applying practical methods for building relationship and teamwork.

Read a few of our testimonials , or contact us for more information on how to work with cultural differences for your organization.